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Our time together will offer us many opportunities to engage, dream, and deliver on the many opportunities that lie in front of us.

Daybreak University Donation Guide

Mission Statement

The mission of Daybreak University is to be a facilitator for the students’ self-actualization,
in spite of the darker sides of their lives. Daybreak University provides rigorous education that
inspires spiritual healing and transformational change in individuals, couples, families,
and communities through professional research,
academic and practical excellence with a compassionate heart of God.
The vision of Daybreak University is transforming the world by changing one relationship at a time.

Donation is open to anyone who understands and wants to participate in our sense of purpose and direction. Faculty members, students, alumni, families of alumni, and all who are interested in developing the establishment spirit of Daybreak University are welcome to donate. You may sponsor as an individual, a group, or a business. You will receive a receipt for your valuable contribution, and depending on the income tax law, receive tax benefits for nonprofit donation. Next, we would like to give the following recognition in honor of your donation based on differing amounts.

Your valuable donations will be used toward scholarships for students studying in economically challenging conditions, and toward the advancement of Daybreak University. In addition, it will fund the restoration of individual, couple, and family relationships by financially assisting Daybreak University Counseling Center’s services: free counseling, scholarship support for training and dispatching experts, emergency relief, and more. To become a sponsor, please fill out the online agreement, then select the method of payment. You can choose your preferred method of payment (cash, check, etc.), and pay by lump-sum or by installments. If you have any questions, please contact us at and we will guide you with further detailed assistance.

Donation Methods

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- Pay to the order : Daybreak University
- Mailing Address : 321 South State College Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92806
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